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Server Recovery
Even though RAID systems are implemented to protect data, there are some occasions where a RAID system may fail.  That is where we can step in and help with emergency Professional Server Data Recovery Services for all Servers and interfaces, including standalone, one disk servers, as well as multi disk servers in all raid configurations.  Eg. We can help you with RAID 5 (most popular) RAID 1 and RAID 0 data recovery. Contact us now if  you require super-fast data recovery (on 01733 301915) we will quickly process your order and recover lost files.  No matter what server you are working with, whether it is: Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM, Lacie, Buffalo, Fujitsu, IBM (or any of the another leading server manufacturers) we can recover your mission critical files.  Get in touch for a free quote on 01733 301915 today!

PDR: Our Pricing and Packages
To keep things simple, we offer 3 clear levels of service, from Critical to Standard – If you require emergency data recovery then select “Critical”.  More info below:

  • Standard - £500 – 48-96 hour turnaround
  • Express - £900 – 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Critical - £1500– 24 hour turnaround

All prices are fixed at the rate above unless your disk has a mechanical failure.  This will ensure that you know exactly how much you will be paying.
NB. Pricing is based on standard 3 disk or Raid 5 systems.  I you require additional services, for example more disks need to be checked or a rebuild is needed, then the pricing may vary.
The PDR Head offices are based in London and Belfast, where we operate a handy drop off service.  Or you can ship your disk to us via a postal or courier service
PDR has an amazing track record; having successfully recovered data from thousands of hard drives over the past decade and are the quickest and most qualified Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts in the UK and Ireland.  Give us a call today on 01733 301915
to speak with one of our professional data recovery consultants.
ALL Hard Disk Manufacturers Serviced
We can recover lost data from any device, if you need data retrieved from a laptop or external drive system, we can help you out immediately.  Here are a few of the  the disk manufacturers that we can help out with Seagate 7200.11 Disks, IBM Deskstar Disks, Western Digital Caviar Disks, Toshiba Laptop Disks, Quantum Scsi Disks, Maxtor Diamond Max series Disks, Fujitsu MPG Disks and Hitachi Travelstar Disks.  If the manufacturer of your disk is not listed please contact us on 01733 301915to with a qualified member of our team.

95% of Data Recovered
At PDR, we possess an exceptional success rate, with 95% of Server Data Recovery projects resulting in full recovery of all of lost files, with both internal and external drive systems.  As a company we have over a decades experience in recovering data, so you will be receiving second to none support and services that ensure every chance possible of recovering your lost data.

Our PDR Guarantee
Our No Fix No Fee Service, means that you don’t have to pay us if your data is not recovered.  Meaning our service is 100% risk free.
Manufacturer details on Raid Setup:
Get in touch with us to order professional server data recovery urgently with PDR, Peterborough, with over a decade of experience in recovering data from failed RAID systems, we are confident that we can extract the data from your server.  We work with all servers including, Dell Performance, Dell PowerEdge, Dell Enterprise RAID Array, Dell PowerEdge Blade Server, Compaq Proliant, Compaq Proliant Blade, Compaq AlphaServer, HP Proliant, HP Proliant Blade and HP StorageWorks.  If your server is not listed, we will be able to help, please contact us to arrange your free quote today.
We can extract data from any operating system that you may be using,  The following is a list of some of the systems that we work with: Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft 2008, Mac OS X Server, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, openBSD, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP HP-UX and Windows Small Business Server.  We work with all systems to recover lost files ASAP, whether it’s Apple HFS+, Windows NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS or ZFS we can retrieve the data. If you require data recovered from another system please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Server Data Recovery Process:
Dell Raid systems are approached in a case specific way, depending on the specific Raid Server that you are working with and the configuration of the server, the process to recover files can differ.  Below you will find are our standard procedures:
We begin by imaging ALL of the disks that we are working with.  To ensure the integrity of the original disk is kept intact.
Secondly, our data recovery specialists will work with the disk image and process the system by extracting the data.
At PDR this is our standard procedure, whereby we image all hard disks before and after de-stripping-recompiling.  This ensures the highest possible chance of recovering your data.  This services is unique to PDR and sister companies.
Server RAID Configuration:
Servers have different data storage configuration options, providing the owner of the server with a variety of data protection levels and different recovery chances should the Server fail.
RAID 0: Data is distributed across the drives. This is the best-performing configuration with maximum data capacity. A single drive failure causes loss of all the data. This method is gradually getting replaced with other raid configurations but is still being used in basic server systems.
RAID 1: In this configuration two shared disks are mirrored. This configuration provides great speed but only half of the potential storage capacity. This configuration is rarely used on servers and more on NAS Devices but we still see some server systems with this configuration.
JBOD: This ensures full storage capacity and good performance. Single drive failure may cause all data loss. We see this very rarely on any servers.
RAID 5: This is now the most popular and the default for the latest Raid servers. Data is distributed across the drives using backward parity rotation. This configuration is fast but space equal to one disk's capacity is lost. The server system will continue to operate normally even after single drive failure. 90% of servers we receive in are setup as Raid 5.

Different computer servers support different interfaces. Some of the interfaces supported include: PATA Hard Drives, SATA Hard Drives, Portable Hard Drives, Mobile Hard Drives, IDE Hard Drives, SATA Hard Drives, SATA II Hard Drives, SATA 2 Hard Drives, SATA III Hard Drives, SATA 3 Hard Drives, eSATA Hard Drives, SAS Hard Drives, SCSI Hard Drives, iSCSI Hard Drives, ESDI Hard Drives, Fibre Channel Hard Drives, USB Hard Drives, Firewire Hard Drives and PCMCIA Hard Drives.
Common server error messages report include:
Accidental reformatting of partitions, Accidental Deletion of Data, Virus Problems
Actuator Failure
Bad sectors
Clicking / Ticking / Scratching / Grinding Sounds
Controller Failure
Controller Malfunction
Corrupted RAID
Drive not working after Power Surge
Error reporting ' Primary Master disk failed, Press F1 to continue'
Firmware update failure
Freezing or locking up the computer or burning smell from system
Front red light on system not displaying
Hard disk is unable to be accessed ( Inaccessible drive or partition )
Hard drive failure
Not detected by computer's CMOS/BIOS
Not spinning, Not powering on at all
Power surge or power spike
RAID Array failed
RAID array initialisation
RAID controller failure
RAID controller failure
RAID corruption
RAID disk failure
RAID disk overheat
RAID drive incompatibility
RAID drive overheat
RAID rebuild failure
RAID rebuild not completed correctly
The disk is seen in Operating System but asking to be formatted
Unable to boot computer due to system getting dropped.
Water or Liquid spilled on Hard Disk
Our Recovery Process
Find out how to get your data recovered by calling us on 01733 301915 today!
We provide a transparent pricing system and no obligation quotation.  Also, if we don’t recover the data, you pay nothing.  Simply get in touch with us on 01733 301915 as soon as you know that you are having issues with accessing your data.  Then send us your disk and we will take it from there.

Below is a brief overview on how our engineers approach data recovery when the disk lands in our office:
We understand that every system is different, so we tailor our processes to the needs of the customer.  .  Although, there are a few things that we do in every instance to ensure a high quality service, these processes are as follows:

  • When we start working on any disk we image all disks, in all cases.  To ensure that the integrity of your original disk is kept intact.
  • Our engineers then extract lost data from the imaged disk.

Each Hard Disk is supported by a variety of different interfaces, such as PATA Hard Drives, SATA Hard Drives, Portable Hard Drives, Mobile Hard Drives, IDE Hard Drives, SATA Hard Drives, SATA II Hard Drives, SATA 2 Hard Drives, SATA III Hard Drives, SATA 3 Hard Drives, eSATA Hard Drives, SAS Hard Drives, SCSI Hard Drives, iSCSI Hard Drives, ESDI Hard Drives, Fibre Channel Hard Drives, USB Hard Drives, Firewire Hard Drives and PCMCIA Hard Drives.  We can recover data from all of the above.
Simple 5-Step Data Recovery Process
Step 1 – Make Contact
The first step is making contact to discuss your requirements.  Give us a call today on 01733 301915
or drop us an email at the following email address:  [email protected]
Step 2 – Send your disk into our office
Please make sure to remove all disks from your server and number them in sequence as per the server.
There are 2 options that we currently offer to get your disk over to us quickly and easily

  • Drop in Service
  • Post/ Courier

Postal / Courier Service
We advise all customers to send in their hard disks in to us via Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery.  They offer up to £500 insurance and provide a quick overnight service.  Send your disk today; we will have it by tomorrow.
Please provide a covering letter:
Please include a covering letter that includes the following information

  • Contact Details (Full Name, Full Postal Address, Phone Number, Email Address). 
  • If you can also write which service that you wish to use from our 3 options above, Standard, Express or Critical. 

NB. When the service is not stated in your package we will provide our “Standard Service” by default.
Our Address
PDR- Peterborough Data Recovery Stuart House East Wing
St John’s St,

Phone Number

01733 301915

Step 3 – Disk/s are Inspected
*At this point you are under no obligation to pay us*
When your Hard Disk arrives at our office we will firstly inspect it and perform a full diagnostic to uncover the issues and then decide on the level of data recovery that we can successfully obtain from your Hard Disk.  We will contact you as soon as we have a prognosis. We advise customers that they will hear from us within 24 hours.  Our Standard Recovery process takes in the region of 48-96 hours to complete.
Step 4 – Approval & Backup Process
We will contact you with the outcome and request payment.
When your payment clears we will immediately back up the data onto your preferred media, normally DVD or portable hard disk.
Step 5 – Your data will be sent back to you
Before you know it, we will have sent out your recovered data via Next Day Courier Service. Our mission is to always recover data within 24-96 hours of receiving disks. Our aim at HDR is to provide a fastest turn around at the best price in the UK and Ireland.
For further information on our Data Recovery Services or to discuss a Data Recovery Quote call us on 01733 301915

Opening hours:  Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm GMT.
Email us anytime at: [email protected]


PDR- Peterborough Data Recovery, Stuart House East Wing, St John’s St, Peterborough PE1 5DD, Phone: 01733 301915